1st Int’l Symposium: Renewable Energy & Aerospace/Turbulence;  May 31 – June 2, 2007


PRIDCO: Aerospace Initiatives in Puerto Rico
Eng. Marcos Polanco (PRIDCO, PR)

Infotech Aerospace Services: A Success Story in Puerto Rico
Dr. Héctor Rodríguez

The Interaction Between Research and Education in Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Alexander J. Smits (Princeton University, USA)

The Value of a Wind Tunnel Facility in PR
Eng. Heli Rivera, PE (Power Line Electrical Products, Corp. PR)

The International Turbulence Program at Chalmers & the Need for Unique Research Facilities
Prof. William K. George, Professor of Turbulence Chalmers University ( Sweden )

Electric Power for Sustainable Development
Eng. Jorge Rodríguez (Director of PR Energy Power Authority)

The International Center for Renewable Energy, Turbulence/ Aerospace & Education
Prof. Luciano Castillo (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)

Aerospace Programs in the US and What needs to Change in the 21st Century
Prof. Mark Glauser (Syracuse University, USA)

An efficient 2nd order finite difference method to understand the physics of the near wall turbulence
Prof. Paolo Orlandi (University of Rome, Italy)

The European Flow and Turbulence Control & Europe/USA Collaborations
Prof. Jean Paul Bonnet,University of Poitiers
( France)

National and International Programs at DoD/NSF
Dr. Melissa Flagg, ONR (Global),
Dr. Ronald Joslin, (ONR),
Dr. William Schultz, (NSF)

Aerospace Technologies at Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Lt Col Rhett Jefferies, (AFOSR)

Materials for the Green Energy Economy
Prof. Rolando Roque, (University of Turabo, PR)

The Future Tech Park in Ceiba
Lcdo. Antonio Colorado, (PRIDCO, PR)

Biofuels – Ethanol and Biodiesel Market Updates
Dr. Rafael Nieves, (BBI International, USA)

Center for Future Energy Systems
Dr. Nag Patibandla, Center for Future Energy Systems (Center for Future Energy, RPI, USA)

The Reality of Sustainable Development in Puerto Rico & the City of Caguas as a Model
 Hon. William Miranda Marin, (Mayor of Caguas, PR)

Caguas Sustainable Energy Showcase
Prof. Jose Colucci, University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez, PR)

Social Aspect of Energy Consumption
Dr.Delta Valente, (EPA, USA)

On Globalization, Innovation & Technology
Dr. Jorge Haddock, ( University of Richmond, USA )

Homeland Security: Urban Aerodynamics & Turbulence in Emergency Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction
Dr. Jay Boris, ( Naval Research Lab, USA )

On the Need for High Reynolds Number Wind Tunnel Facilities for Environmental Turbulence Research
Profs. Zellman Warhaft & Lance Collins, ( Cornell University, USA )

Advanced Modeling Concepts for Turbulence-Canopy Interactions
Prof. Charles Meneveau, (The Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Energy Initiatives & Partnership at Brookhaven Lab
Dr. Kenneth White, (Brookhaven National Lab, USA)