2nd Int’l Symposium: Advancements in Engineering & Science: Fueling the future;  March 26, 2009


PREC: Current and Future Projects
Eng. Nilangely Arzón Cintrón (UT)

Innovation in PEM Fuel Cell Design
Dr. Gerardo Carbajal  (UT)

New Development in Sofc Cells: Flame Cells and One Chamber Cells
Dr. Roberto Callarotti  (UT)

Study of Wind Energy Arrays Using Wind Tunnel Energy 
Dr. Luciano Castillo (RPI/UT), Dr. José Lebrón (RPI), Dr. Raúl Cal (Portland State), Hyung-SucKang (Johns Hopkins) and Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins)

Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis and Applications
Dr. Francisco Márquez  (UT)

Renewable Hydrogen 
Dr. Rolando Roque Malherbe (UT)

Overview of the Massie Chair Program
Dr. Roberto Lorán  (UT)

Multilayered Magnetic Structures: Novelties & Future
Dr. Yazan Hijazi Moghraby (UT)

Synthesis and Characterization of Low Refractive Index Aerogel Silica for Cherenkov Counters
Ms. María Del Carmen Cotto-Maldonado & Mr. Eric Calderón (UT)

Unsupervised Iterative Algorithms for Hyperspectral Image Processing
Dr. Yahya Masalmah  (UT)

Turbulence & Periodic Motion Analysis of Wind TurbineArrays in Atmospheric-Like Conditions
Dr. Raul Bayoán Cal (Portland State), Dr. José Lebrón (RPI), Dr. Hyung-Suk Kang (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Luciano Castillo (RPI/UT) and Dr. Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins)