jueves, 20 de febrero, 2014 -AM
Renewable Energy Myth or Reality —Ricardo Ramos
Electromechanic prototype for energy microgeneration in biometric Access control for lockers —Ricardo Garzón
Implementation of an embedded phase and frequency tuner, as reference for real-time energy exchange with the grid —Clementina Rueda-Germán
Potential Energy for the Production of Pellets of 10 Species of Forest Plantations in Costa Rica —Carolina Tenorio & Roger Moya
A Desktop Grid Network design for HSI applications—José O. Nogueras Colón & Yahya M. Masalmah, Ph.D.
Study of the Effect of Efficiency in Energy Resource Longevity under the Scope of Sustainability — Ronald Y. Barazarte, Ph.D. & Guadalupe G. González, Ph.D.
Proposal to develop a management model for domiciliary electricity networks: Conceptual Approach — Adriana Marcela Vega Escobar, Francisco Santamaría Piedrahita & Edwin Rivas Trujillo
The Effects of gamma radiation on U24-Li, and K, and the contribution of the Gas/Liquid Ratio to the susceptibility of U60 — Alejandra Cartagena & Dr. Peter C. Burns

jueves, 20 de febrero, 2014 -PM
Biodiesel production from vegetable oils new, and its efficiency in diesel engines — Dayna M. Ortíz Rodríguez
Determination of the CO2 Emissions Factor the electrical system of the Dominican Republic — Eng. Rafael Berigüete
Energy Efficiency Analysis in Staic Converters using IEEE 1459 — Edwin F. Forero, Carlos A. Torres & Diego A. Tibaduiza
Effect of Renewable Energy Penetration in Aggregated Energy Costs —Guadalupe G. González, Ph.D. & Ronald Y. Barazarte, Ph.D.
3M™ Novec™ 2-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling — Kelvin Cabrera
Aplication of nanoparticules of silver, clay and nanoparticules of titanium dioxide in reinforcement of wood and adhesives and coating for wood in Costa Rica — Roger Moya Roque, Ana Lucrecia Rodríguez & Alexander Berrocal

viernes, 21 de febrero, 2014 -AM
Fomento Empresarial y Exportacion — Ms. Frankie Chévere
Angel Investor Groups — Antonio J. Sifre Toro, Colón, Mullet, Rivera & Sifre, PSC
Have a Big Idea? Let ‘s Make It Happen! —Javier Lugo Mender, PE, MBA, Esq.
University Innovation: From UPRM labs to the Marketplace —Elvia M. Camayd Vélez, Esq.
Modelos de Legislación para el financiamiento de Start Ups. —Cristian Morales Letzkus, Ph.D.
Our World Has Changed and collaboration is the key element for the new ways and orders. CrowdFunding —Guifre Tort
Sartenejas Technology Park —Gerardo Fernández, Ph.D.
Innovation & The University of 21st Century —Charles E. Ross, Ph.D.

viernes, 21 de febrero, 2014 -AM
Running Lean and Incubators — Eng. Bartolomé Gamundi Cestero
Six sigma and open innovation — Chad Laux, Phd & Dennis Depew, Ph.D.
Health Monitoring System for Gas Turbines — Miguel A. Delgado Castro & Edwar Romero, Ph.D.
How to Build an Innovation Factory —Gloria Vizcasillas
Pulsed Plasma Thruster Study for CubeSats — Edwar Romero, Ph.D., Amilcar Rincon & Gelson Díaz